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Diesel Bunkering (XLB Fuelcard and Allied Fuels card)

For transport companies large and small we can offer a Diesel Bunkering service. Basically we store your diesel in our tanks and charge a handling fee. This means that you benefit from buying at your discounted bulk rates from whichever oil company you deal with.

There are two types of bunkering account, either using the XLB Fuelcard for use at any of the five Exelby sites, or using an Allied Fuels card which can be used accross the UK.

For the XLB Fuelcard bunkering accounts we order the diesel on your behalf (from your prefered supplier). It is delivered into storage at one of our sites and your vehicles then draw from that stock from any of the 5 sites. We only invoice you the handling fee, which is only 1p per litre.

The Allied Fuels card bunkering accounts operate in a similar way to the XLB fuelcard but fuel can be drawn from any site on the UK Fuels network. Our handling fee for the Allied Fuel card is very competitive. The invoice for the fuel itself will still come from your supplier. We then top-up that stock as and when needed.

For more information please ring
Pam Clapham (Fuel Accounts Manager) on 01677 252070

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