Fuel Bunkering

Diesel Bunkering – Exelby Services are the original pioneers of diesel bunkering in the UK. Bunkering fuel has many benefits for haulage companies. You save the costs of having to install/maintain tanks and dispensers in your depot. No more worries about losing stock. No more wasted time of your trucks travelling back to your depot to fill up. You buy the diesel from your preferred supplier, which is delivered to Exelby Services and we charge a ‘handling fee’ which is based on the quanity.

XLB Card – With a diesel bunkering account, you can draw from your bunkered stock at any of our 5 sites using the XLB Card.

Allied Fuels card – This allows you to draw fuel from your stock held with Exelby Services at any UK Fuels site, which covers the whole of the UK. To locate a site that accepts Allied Fuels cards please go to UK Fuels site locater

Gas Oil/Red Diesel & AdBlue – All our sites have dedicated HGV forecourts with high speed pumps for Diesel, Gas Oil/Red Diesel and Adblue.

For more information, please contact the Fuel Manager, Pam Clapham on 01677 252071

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